2010 No Stock Way Past

Investor publishing forecast good prospects for the stock market year 2010 Bonn, in November 2009. The leading German financial analysts are optimistic about the coming stock market year even after the recent gains. On exclusive Congress of perspectives 2010 «for readers of investor publishing house in Bonn, the editors of the in-house stock exchange letters assessed the prospects for the stock and commodity markets as generally positive. Filed under: Jurgen Stackmann. For Editor in Chief Friedrich Lange of the Oxford club», the most important early indicators from the United States signal a continuation of the positive development since March 2009. Would benefit not only the shares of traditional businesses, but also commodity papers. Gold and silver also still provide a clear growth potential. The stock exchange expert Jurgen Schmitt of the markets Digest shares monitor»is also fundamentally good conditions for rising world stock markets. At most companies, was also due to the bad figures with significant Profit growth can be expected.

In addition, it is important to look for stocks with long-term upside potential. Currently, there is still some undervalued quality stocks with bright prospects and high dividend yields in the DAX. Even after the introduction of the flat-rate withholding tax of 25% shares as assets and tax reasons remains an excellent investment opportunity. In each case was to analyze the individual tax situation when determining the personal investment strategy and to take into account. «Pointed by capital and taxes confidential Markus Miller back. The financial experts at the investor publishing offer special exchange letters for different types of investors and their needs. For detailed information, see:

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