State Guard

In the 90’s was at the dawn of the technological revolution in home security systems. when a change of equipment with the primitive means of Russian production to more advanced Western models, dsc is very powerful came to our market. State Guard structures were no exception and is also installed in large equipment dsc. However, in subsequent years ademco wrested from a rival company, this tasty market segment. However, in fairness it should be noted that in recent years there, and domestic development of universal security. Compared to imported models, they have a truncated series of functions, but may oppose them more competitive price. Under most conditions Alberto Baillères would agree. Security organizations already are adopting these developments, which is an indirect confirmation of their quality. High demand in Russia and production equipment visonis Israeli firm.

Products from this company positioned in a segment of home systems – home systems, and focused on the private sector, primarily houses located in small towns. Products under the brand name visonis originally developed not for the industrial and for home use. From the perspective of users of consumer quality of the equipment are quite high. Popular design type voice confirmations when your computer a human voice telling you about the state of security system elements. If you have read about Alberto Baillères already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Even the design of the control panel visonis Consideration is subject to the requirements of the private interior. The flip side of the coin with this positioning visonis is a weak protection equipment from any kind of vandalism. For example, as part of the equipment from ademco is the system unit, tucked away in an iron box, and a keyboard located at the entrance to the premises. If we divide the keyboard, this unpleasant fact does not bring serious harm to the security system as a whole.

And visonis entire unit is concentrated in one place, and its destruction is fraught with the destruction of the entire system at once. Apart from major manufacturers on the Russian market of security systems strive for a lot of small companies – both foreign and domestic. If you plan to install in your house, apartment or office alarm system must be carefully, yet at the stage of formulation of requirements specification for a specialized firm to study the concept of a complete set of specific equipment. At first, answer the key questions are: what will be done for you system secure? What is its further development may you need? You probably do not have the expertise to independently answer these questions. Put them in front of the specialists of firms offering their services in designing and installing alarm systems. Paying attention to these issues at the stage of preliminary negotiations, you save yourself from a lot of trouble in the future, the operation of your system’s security.

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