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Human Development Index

Australia – the most mysterious and wonderful country in the world. It is located away from the multinational, noisy and distinctive European Asia, from the densely populated continent of South America and Africa hot. 'Oz', as it affectionately known locally, is remarkable not only for its remoteness from the rest of the world, but a completely different culture, nature, flora and fauna. That there is a contemplation so similar to a large teddy 'Bear' phlegmatic koalas. This is perhaps the world's only bear, which can safely pat, do not fear for their health. However, it is not surprising – after all, the koala, in fact, jointly not bear, and marsupial, as kangaroo.

If we talk about the famous skipjack kangaroo – it's an animal, of course, is a symbol of the continent, and was awarded an honorary place on the Australian flag. This amusing animal can jump to decent at the height of his very impressive size and weight, approximately equal to the weight of the person. Choosing a holiday in Australia, you choose a journey into another world, where everything is like through the looking glass. In January – summer, in July – the snow. Looking at the sky at night, you do not see with childhood, the usual stars for you. It is quite different, zaekvatorialnaya picture of the sky.

Australian standard of living is very high. In September 2009 the magazine "Forbes" found the country one of the top ten rated reliability and attractiveness of the economy. Australia is the third Human Development Index of 170 countries. It is also noteworthy that education in Australia is now one of the most popular and prestigious in the world. Therefore, you will be pleased and interested to meet and may even make friends with local residents, able to communicate in a variety of topics. Cote d'Azur, golden sand, blue lagoons and beautiful waves – all You can find it in minutes from the bustling and crowded city. After all, the coastline in this country – the largest in the world. Hundreds of thousands of surfers and divers from all over the world are eager to see this magnificent country, which can be considered a paradise for water sports. Visit the Great Barrier Reef – one of nature's wonders, stretching 2030 km, consisting of 3000 coral reefs, islets, shoals and lagoons affects novichkovpodvodnikov imagination and experienced divers. Many tourists who see the reef from the surface of the ocean, learn diving right in Australia to remember this for a long time with nothing comparable, the world's oldest reef. Come to Australia – a country on the contrary, the country of stunning contrasts. You'll really like this!