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Tips For Spring Allergy Sufferers

In 1819, Dr. John Bostock was the first study which named it a fiebre hay in a scientific text. 50 years later, Charles Blakely was the one who found the relationship between symptoms of the same and pollen. Both scientists were suffering symptoms. The same people who attack every spring to about six million Spanish. But a few simple tips can help make them more bearable. "Obviously, the main thing is to forget about tricks and attack the root problem with an antihistamine medicine.

A remedy that is becoming more emotional, and also with second-generation compounds such as Claritin, have left behind side effects such as drowsiness. No prescription, so just follow the instructions leaflet and pharmacist. Another tip-obvious but no less important, is to identify the source of our allergy in order to avoid it. "Most of the time, however much they want to avoid this, we are exposed to it, because of the air. Particles adhere to our hair, our clothes, we get in your eyes so, a change and shower when I get home, or the use of sunglasses can be very helpful.

"We can avoid many of these particles to avoid exposing her to stay home or car. Windows closed and use air conditioning to clear the air (after passing through a good filter, of course) can serve as a burbujaa . "The snuff, exposure to any smoke, pollution all of which help not only to develop allergies, but also that their symptoms occur with greater force. -Finally, one should check allergic pollen in the air regularly, and adapt their solutions to this as far as possible. As a general rule, on dry, hot or windy are the worst. Similarly, the concentrations are usually highest between 5 and 10 am. Links: Portal with news and tips. A special section in which we can see levels pollen in the main Spanish cities group exchange of information and advice within the social network. Supervised by a professional, offers videos and images related. Allergies taking us with some humor Portal for patients and specialists in allergy treatment.