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Transmission Lines

2. Name of the element electrical network share power losses in this element in% of the total number of lines with voltage of 0.4 kV 34 Transformer substations 10 / 0,4 kV Transmission Lines 26 6-10 kV 25 PS 35 – 110 kV overhead line six agricultural 35-110 kV substation feeding the agricultural 9 Total: 100 Elimination tagged "narrow" places a priority of rural energy. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Alberto Baillères. At the same time to the present stage of the electrification of agriculture faces new challenges: improving the capacity of the existing network, as loads increase leads to increased power losses and reduce its quality, and reliability of supply, quality repairs of existing substations. These problems can be solved by introducing the supply and distribution networks in rural following activities: the construction of disaggregated supply substations 110/35/10 and 110 (35) / 10 kV to reduce the radius of the network of 10 kV and 10 kV overhead line extension. extending from one PC. In recent years, specific length of 10 kV overhead line to a substation decreased 2-fold (100-150 km) and medium range decreased to 15 km increase in the amount two-transformer substation 110 (35) / 10 kW. Currently, the proportion of two-transformer substation of 110 kV over 70%, and 35 kV – 50% increase in the number of two-way power substation. The main type of network configuration is single-circuit overhead line with two-sided power from different sources. 35-110 kV new substations are connected, usually in the crosscuts of VL or two branches from two adjacent single-circuit or double-circuit overhead line. Currently, more than half of the agricultural PC 110 (35) / 10 kW power are two-way, a gradual transition to a system of 110/10 kV through: construction of 110/10 kV overhead lines instead of 35 kV, following parallel to the existing 110 kV; 35 kV overhead line structures in dimensions of 110 kV, if the duration of their use on low voltage will not exceed 5 years.