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The SME finance group informs companies about the differences and advantages of factoring. Factoring on the point brought factoring is the ongoing purchase of your claim by a third party. Invoice amounts are bevorschusst within 24 hours under a predetermined quota by 80-96.5 percent. Prerequisite is that the performance is complete and offsetting provided for invoicing. Advantages of factoring for company losses of use of factoring brings many advantages for your company. Of particular importance is certainly 100 percent protection against losses. Thus, your company is protected against defaults on the part of the customer. Payment terms you can give your customers a payment of up to 90 days.

Just in negotiations with new customers a longer payment period gives you a greater advantage over your competitors. Also your well kept existing customers will thank you a payment of up to 90 days with fidelity. Conclusion: Factoring provides your company Advantages of acquisition and retention of customers. A longer payment term is more important than the realization of pulling discount the most customers. Limits often growth the growth of a company, particularly due to the lack of liquidity. The factoring setting of the SME finance group help you with the purchase of goods and raw materials, as well as in the sale of your products and services, to increase the liquidity of the company. Conclusion: you increase your liquidity by factoring, sustainably increase the growth of your company with more liquidity.

Equity ratio when using the newfound liquidity, to repay existing debt, leads in the balance sheet to an improvement in the equity ratio. Use the funds, to the return of bank liabilities, you can reduce the interest payments to the Bank or even set. Still, the inflow of cash and cash equivalents leads to a higher credit rating of the company and hence a better rating. Discount payers benefit you the payment with a discount at Their suppliers fully out. Directly guided to liquid, you have a larger e-commerce space with the purchase of goods and raw materials. Nearly 90 percent of all suppliers are now willing to give 3-5 percent discount. More information on that is financing group middle classes (FGM) since 1989 for SMEs financing parallel working. Clients include especially companies with an annual turnover of 500 EUR – 120 million euros. The core competence is the creation of fresh liquidity in the medium-sized companies. Particularly in times of Basel II, the banking crisis, tighter credit – lending criteria, we see ourselves as your partner in the liquidity and Cash Flow Management. Focus is the generation of independent bank liquidity, without personal guarantees or collateral. This liquidity provides medium to good ratings, dar without negative characteristics and positive business performance. The SME finance group partner contact: Benjamin Bohrmann goethestrasse 37 76316 Malsch 07246 308-170