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United States

Addition occupy first place in Latin America, in completion of calls from the U.S. , The indicator could reflect more fully the quality of the telephone network in a country with a 71.47%. In relation to productivity, Costa Rica has one of the highest in the world, 5.35 employees per 1000 telephone lines. The average for the Americas is 5.49, for Europe to Africa 6.10 and 12.82. This parameter, for our country, improved 4.16 to December 2004. In relation to prices, ours are the lowest in the world. When the basic monthly charge for fixed telephony in Costa Rica was $ 4 in Panama was 19 and Nicaragua 20. The additional minute cost a penny in Costa Rica, when cost 10 Guatemala, Honduras, 15 in El Salvador, 12 in Nicaragua and Panama 15 50.

In cellular Something similar happens when Costa Rica was the basic monthly fee of $ 7, was 28 in Guatemala, Honduras, 15 in El Salvador, 15 in Nicaragua and Panama 30 12, while the additional minute cost 7 , 11, 25, 27, 35 and 45 cents respectively. These rates justify Costa Rica ranks third in the world in per capita consumption in mobile phones, with 286 minutes a month, after the U.S. Hong Kong 474 and 350. Do not forget as indicated the FTA with the United States faced strong opposition from educators and social sectors such as trade unions, arguing that it would bring harm to the country. The organizations claimed that NAFTA would hurt small farmers, the environment and the exploitation of natural resources like water, in addition to privatization of telecommunications and insurance.