The AIDA Mini By Amondo Toured Germany

The AMONDO GmbH, one of the market leaders in the mobile travel sales, recorded with the FY 2011 the most successful business year since consist of the company. The AMONDO GmbH, one of the market leaders in the mobile travel sales, recorded with the FY 2011 not only the most successful business year since consist of the company, but also repeatedly among the 100 of best-selling AIDA cruises agencies. Already to the 6.mal in a row, the Bonner with the AIDA sales commitment was rewarded mini which now goes to Germany tour to top sellers as a thank you for the free use. Claudia Dimnik could take today as first, the coveted mini by the Amondo CEO Achim Steinebach in reception. Thus begins the Germany tour of the AIDA mini in the Ruhr area, in a year, the mini is back in Bonn»so, until then he Achim Steinebach our partners promote sales for attention and provides motivated them, so we count again in 2013 in the TOP 100 of AIDA cruises! Also in other tourism partners, AMONDO is one of the Sales guarantee. So are we at TUI in North Rhine-Westphalia under the top 10 agencies, Steinebach says proudly. When we started in 2003 with the mobile business, our sales model was still ridiculed. Even the large tour operators have now accepted the mobile travel sales as a stand-alone channel and created in part even as its own corporate brands.

We see us on the right path and as an alternative to the stationary travel agencies and not as their competition»finally to Stone Creek. AMONDO GmbH corporate communication C / o power broker Public Relations Katja Zimmer peace Street 3 / 60311 Frankfurt Tel. 069-53088689 about AMONDO GmbH was the AMONDO GmbH with headquarters in Bonn 2003 founded and belongs to Germany’s market leaders in the field of independent mobile travel distribution systems. AMONDO core success points are a balanced portfolio of tourist program with reliable, efficient administrative structures, absolute independence from all service providers and therefore independence in the travel price comparison Operators and an excellently trained, flexible distribution. AMONDO’s competitive advantage is the link of mobile travel sales Internet sales through the Web-based booking system from anywhere, AMONDO consultants have access to the travel deals via personalized home page with Internet booking engine. AMONDO currently offers a comprehensive training and qualification programme of events about 800 mobile travel consultants. The AMONDO GmbH is represented also in France, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, United States and Thailand. The founders of AMONDO are the two experienced Touristiker Gerd Hermann and Achim Steinebach.

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