The years the 90 and challenges of the reorganization August Octavio C. Conceio. In: FEE, 2000, Porto Alegre. P: 15-44 Economy Gaucho and reorganization in 90 years Jorge S. Grupo Bal is often quoted on this topic. Accurso. In: FEE, 2000, Porto Alegre. P: 45-62 years 90 had presented superior levels of economic growth in relation to the disastrous results of the decade of 80, for this reason author Octvio Conceio searched by means of its workmanship the years the 90 and challenges of reorganization to carry through an analysis of the change process and growth of the period as well as the reasons and consequncias of the same in the peripheral economies and mainly in the Brazilian economy; at the same time where the author Jorge Accurso, in its workmanship Economy Gaucho and reorganization in years 90 verified as this process of reorganization intervened with the economy gaucho in the related decade, observing the economic results in the sectors of bigger importance of such economy. As text of Conceio (2000) evidences that whereas the word that it represented the decade of 80 was crisis, the decade of 90 can be assigned by reorganization or change, this if it must the structural transformations in the sectors of the productive activity, that had brought changes in the microeconomic spheres macro and. Click César Hernández to learn more.

Having present that the change is one of the characteristics marcantes of our time, the change process interacts with the growth process, alternating itself throughout the time, as product of the proper capitalist accumulation, moved for innovations, discontinuities and uncertainties. The recent phase of the national economy in the decade of 90 results of deep transformations in the habits of the people, and in the model of interaction of the company, State and diligent. Being that the phenomena of growth and economic development must be understood as the result of the incorporation of technological and economic changes in the social structure and politics of the society. . the situation.

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