LAT TV is a Spanish television channel in the U.S., to «Latin America Broadcasting» based in Houston (Texas).
LAT TV is led by Patricia Torres-Burd and his team, formed by Roxana Sibrian, Frida Villalobos and Ana Bzdusek Bloomberg
April 6 (Bloomberg) – Central Italy was struck by the worst earthquake in nearly three decades, killing at least 50 people and leaving as many as 50,000 homeless. ANSA said 92 were dead. International Herald Tribune
The mind-bending pyrotechnics visual, aural and intellectual never stop in this wonderful production by The Wooster Group. Odessa American
If the current channel-surfing television junkies suddenly found himself transported to the middle of 1950 when the local viewing choices for two options to beat, they d certainly amazing.
DES MOINES, IA The November television ratings in WHO-TV news ratings continue to grow in key adult demographics. In the important Adults 18-49 demographic (Figure 1), Channel 13 News is up 19 in the proportion at 6 pm, almost 21 at 6 hours and 12 at 10pm for a year ago.

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