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These Christmas are going to go shopping on the web, check some tips that can come handy to buy insurance on the Internet. Clickseguros, car insurance, has prepared this guide helps identify and find the information you need to recognize that a web page is an environment safe and quiet a business in which you can buy. 1 Know your rights: by law, you have the right to know, before and after the purchase, the complete information of the product or service that you are going to hire. 2. Purchase on secure websites: to recognize that a web page is secure, look at the following details: a. includes an https at the beginning of the web address. The s means secure environment. b.

padlock that appears to the right of the web address in the browser bar, is a security certificate. c. confirm having commercial such as PayPal and veriSign validation seal. 3. The website must be flexible and easy navigation and use. 4 You must expose a clear and visible product catalog as well as forms of payment. 5. Compare products before deciding.

6 Seeks and verifies that the product or service meets your needs. 7 If you do not understand any word associated with the product and the purchase, ask the company to clarify what you. 8 Please note information concerning warranties and bonuses of the products. 9 Contact the company if you think necessary. All e-commerce websites are required by law to include contact your Department of attention to the client. 10 Rate, recommend and search recommendation in comparators and forums, other users may have already had previous experience with these web pages, with the company, its products and services. It is also important that you verify that you have updated the antivirus on your computer, since an outdated antivirus can show you fraudulent pages unless you detect it. And enjoy of your! shopping! Original author and source of the article

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