Spotify Offer

Berlin music distribution recordJet launching sales offer in Spanish – Spanish-speaking website for international digital music distribution – specialist label Manager for the South American market of the Berlin music distribution recordJet internationalized its sales offer already for the second time this calendar year. On the 1.12.2013 officially launches the launch of the Spanish-language version of the website of young startups. On April 1, the company was already live with an English-language version. We have internationalized in the Spanish-speaking world mainly because we wanted to control even more exotic destinations, winter comes more Palm trees and cocktails -, because you must provide Yes,»Sahar zamani, founder and captain commented on by recordJet, the step. «But even in seriously: straight South America is so far still relatively unexplored in digital music distribution», he continues. The legal download market is just hard on the rise in South America. In addition to iTunes, now also the first large streaming providers have with Spotify and Deezer There foot taken.

We therefore very pleased that we could take butter, specifically tailored to Know-How and intercultural competence on board with our label Manager for the Spanish-speaking world, Anton». The Halbchilene butter is decidedly is locally the acquisition by artists and labels from Spain and Latin America devote. With the internationalization in Spanish we have now checked off the second milestone for 2013. We offer the service of recordJet of the major world languages now available in two in addition to German and thus lower the threshold, the fair distribution of music accessible to all accounts», so Carolin Wohlschlogel, chief marketing / communications chief pilot at recordJet. We love music, therefore it is only logical to offer our services just as we do for us. True to our motto of sell your music – stay free’ will we continue also 2014, our vision to spread that digital music distribution can be a win-win situation for both sides.

And maybe we internationalize so soon again further – that is not yet «selling out.» About recordJet: The digital music distribution platform recordJet allows online worldwide to sell it to musicians and labels, their music. Music uploaded on is set in MP3 stores such as iTunes. There, the music as a download can be purchased. Unlike other providers, the musicians receive 100 percent of the revenue from digital sales without to cede their rights. Versatile additional services, such as physical distribution in over 500 stores, CD pressing and professional promotion make recordJet a full-service. The company was founded in 2008, to open a new sales opportunity for the German music market is also attractive to unknown musicians and small labels. In April 2010, initially went for the German-speaking countries recordJet online and continuously extended the offer.

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