Staff Goes To Furloughs

Salary fraud by Detective Agency clarified because of fire in the Assembly workshop a medium-sized mechanical engineering company located near Leipzig renovations had need to perform. The management had decided to impose a furloughs for the locksmith, so tool machinery and crane equipment could be set up properly in the whole of August 2010. One of the employees, the shop fitter Angelo R. called in sick for the period in question and did announce he was suffering from knee complaints, which made impossible for longer standing as it is common in Locksmithing. The Board of Directors but had the urgent suspicion that the 26-year-old as usual wanted to spend the summer time in his homeland of South Italy.

Therefore, Managing Director Hartmut M. the Silver’s detective agency hired to get to the bottom. In the first week, noted that M. had remained at home actually, but was in the second week of the good view apartment in the District of Leipzig Rackwitz suddenly empty. Inquiries in the vicinity were little productive. Also investigations on a partner detective agency in Rome ran into the void. The wanted could not be spotted with his relatives had attended in previous years most of the time.

In the third week gushed over the letterbox: the investigating detective noted with a look that Angelo M. of avid surfer was. In addition to a periodical, he discovered various catalogs for windsurfing equipment. Therefore, the detective agency silver contacted various water sports clubs and specialty stores in the metropolitan area. They were finally found in a shop in downtown Leipzig. The owner remembered that M. had told him from competition on the North Sea Island of Sylt, where he wanted to take part. Detective Agency boss Sven Silber immediately contacted his man in the far North, which ran on the same day to Sylt. Actually, he could then discover Angelo M. on the participant list and even learned that he had rented a in a boarding house on the island. The competition took place on the following day. The detective documented the activities exercised despite the specified knee problems of the written sick operation locksmith via video. The recordings, which he saw on the evening in the area secured with password from, to justify a termination without notice were the employer. Also the insurance company felt cheated and made claims. Press contact: Detective Agency silver main street 67 61200 Wolfersheim Internet: E-Mail: toll free service number: 0800-588 77 62 profile: Detective Agency silver is your competent partner when it comes to observations and investigations in the private and business sectors. Through our nationwide network of professional detectives, we can operate mostly within only a few hours for you. We discuss our toll free service number free of charge and without obligation, or make an appointment for a personal consultation with you.

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