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The Galaxy Note is a kind of digital notebook. It has a 1.4 GHz processor and a 5.3-inch touchscreen. The South Korean multinational Samsung has presented this Thursday at the Berlin IFA consumer electronics fair Galaxy Note, a device with dimensions halfway between a Smartphone and a tablet, which means the creation of a new category in technology, according to the company. The Galaxy Note has a 1.4 GHz processor, a 5.3-inch touchscreen which, in addition to being able to be used with fingers, allows creation of files with a pointer or digital pen. The Executive Vice President and responsible for global sales and marketing for the division of mobile of Samsung, DJ Lee, has said that the company has developed this new category of device because it had detected many users to carry small notebooks to write down ideas. The company has already announced that shall make publicly available a package of development of software for this device with the objective that the programmers start to create specific applications.

In addition, Lee has presented to society new tablet of the multinational, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, which includes the technology needed to connect to the fourth-generation LTE network. This device has a 7.89 mm thickness and weighing 335 grams, and is the first to have a Super AMOLED display plus. On the other hand, Lee has also shown the New Wave 3, with the 2.0 evolution of Samsung, the Bada, its own operating system and a 4 inch touchscreen. The director of the company for Europe, Patrick Povel, mobile computing has announced a companion for the series 9 – the ultrathin notebook company-: the 7 series. On this computer, Samsung has reduced the screen frame to gain an inch, explained Povel. The Korean giant has also presented their new cameras, the Multiview mv800 and the NX200. The first includes a menu screen on the back that can be deployed toward above that the user that you want to make a picture himself can visualize framing. Do on the other hand, the marketing director of the area of Television and Audiovisual of Samsung in Europe, Michael Zoller, has reviewed the evolution of applications available for the system of intelligent television company Smart TV. Samsung hoped to have thousand applications available at the end of 2011? for these devices, said Zoller, who has advanced that they will reach that figure in September.

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