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Advisory Commission

The question of the Advisory Commission for Regionalizao (CCR), as example of changes, is led by Omar Azziman, person in charge to deal with the advanced regionalizao of the country and object of the constitutional reform. This consists ' ' a stage transitria' ' route to the autonomy of the region of the Saara Occidental person. The report of this commission of the decentralization, to present the King, precocupa the agreement with the separatista group Polisrio Front, that must consider the autonomy plan as solution for the Saara Occidental person inside of the plan of ' ' regionalizao avanada' '. King Mohammad VI of Morocco has announced in its last speech a global and constitutional reform in which it was emphasized solution of regions with abilities extended and managed for regional advice chosen by the universal suffrage. ' ' If the autonomy plan not to arrive before if it has implanted the advanced regionalizao in Morocco, it will be installed in the provinces of the south (Saara) and will be a period transitory while the autonomy arrives. Nobody can say today why side we go comear' ' , Azziman sentenced. Although in its speech, King Mohammad VI informed that the power in the regions will be at the hands of the regional chairmen of the board – and not in the appointed governors directly for the king – Azziman dealt with therefore during the meetings to the commission on the positions governors those that do not go to disappear, but its functions will be modified.

' ' We do not go to suppress the governors civil, but we go to revise the relations between the representatives of the State and the representatives of the citizens. It must be a relation of dialogue and cooperation, instead of supervision and controle' ' it underlined the monarch. Read additional details here: Francisco D’Agostino. To answer to the protests and the international pressures on the artificial conflict of sara occidental person and in which Morocco always look for to find an exit honrosa.