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Managing Director

Blue Moon agency simplifies cross-border communication for mid-market Neuss, June 2012 within the framework of globalization more and more small and medium-sized companies expand their activities beyond the country’s borders. To increase their awareness, pull some press work into consideration, but how? Obstacles such as language barriers, cultural differences and lack of knowledge of the media landscape seemingly insurmountable pile up. «This has already recognized the Neusser agency Blue Moon communication consultants GmbH and built up a global network of partner agencies, with which Blue Moon its customers, medium-sized German companies, the Mission of international PR» successfully supported. «Globalization, ever more specialized products, larger markets and growing need for communication arguments for international public relations, there are many», Anita Gilges, Managing Director of blue moon white. Many medium-sized companies are increasingly Yet the view that international PR is just for large companies. Small and medium-sized companies often refrain abroad with professional communication to support their successful sales activities, because they avoid the organizational effort and costs. This international press work just for the middle class is particularly attractive and feasible.» The manager knows what she’s talking about. In the past twelve years has your company in the international press relations for medium-sized companies in the construction and real estate, furniture, plumbing heating air conditioning-, energy – and environmental.

So, the Neuss Agency has developed a concept for internationally successful PR coming especially the communication medium-sized corporate interests contrary to. Reliable partners in 25 countries around the world beyond the borders of Germany, efficiently and effectively to communicate, you need in Germany on the ground as well as in their respective countries a strong Partner at his side that reliably responds to the requirements and knows its market and the media landscape», white Gilges. This ensures an experienced international consultant team, which acts as an interface of communication between the German customers and a network of foreign partner agencies at Blue Moon.