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The Agenda

Road builders, masons, seller, care staff; they all divorce life year from professional life often far before the 67igsten and suffered extremely high and unjustified pension deductions. According to statistics of the German pension insurance, nearly 674 000 insured involved a retirement last year for the first time. 47.5 per cent of them, or nearly 320 000 had to cope with reductions, because they have not worked up to the age of 65, the age-limit rule. Five years previously it had been 41.2 percent 2000 only 14.5 percent. The pension in an average of 113 EUR per month is lower for early retirees. Mothers get hardly counting the years of education. Training and study are also inadequately counted as years of contributions. The Agenda 2010 and the Hartz 4 reforms have radically changed also the labour market.

Wage and social dumping have been promoted by law. 4 recipients must take each, yet so poorly paid job Hartz, because they otherwise even the existence minimum away sanctioned get, can draw employers on this army of Lohnsklabven as they the ARGE fobbed off with wages secured non-existence pays the remaining amount to the social minimum. The wages are so pressed at the taxpayer’s expense. the economy pulls out of this new business model of the Aufstocker rip-off profit, at the expense of the general public. 3. don’t trust any statistics, add except you yourself fake comes yet another circumstance which is gladly concealed by the State. 1 euro jobs also in commercial terms, both communal and social lead to wage dumping.

The jobbers used not only as additional workers, as it actually stipulates the law, but often perform the same full job as tenured and better-paid workers. So has so trained a huge low-wage sector. The Federal Government sold this man as success and refers to the way sugarcoated labour statistics: less than 3 million unemployed, which is only a stone’s throw from the full employment, one should think.