How Can Bath Studios Revenue This Year Still Her?

With this strategy, Santa Claus distributed this winter your bathroom furniture and fittings without using an advertising agency or consultancy! The Christmas business this year is already in full swing. Nevertheless, notice many shops the purchasing restraint of the clients and experience sales compared to previous years. Therefore the question of how the Christmas shopping season can still be a success and how to sales improve, even if the customers before Christmas no longer renew your bathroom would confront many bath Studios. \»\» There are exactly three ways, how a business can increase its turnover,\»Dr. Anne-Katrin Straesser, author of the book know the secret of marketing for bath Studios\»-are these three ways: customer acquisition, cross – and up-selling, and customer loyalty. \» To win new customers new customers is the classic way to increase sales and profits. Of course, this is often not so easy.

Because it means those customers in my business to get so far in my Competitors to buy, so the bath Studio in the other district or in the hardware store. So how do I get these customers in my business? The answers to this question are almost endless. But the prerequisite is that new potential customers know that it gives you first of all. Classic advertising are needed such as phone book entries or promotional flyer here. The second condition is that they offer something what makes you interesting for new customers. The occupation of a specific niche can be (E.g., spa baths and accessories), a special offer or a particular service. You should make out this feature in your advertising customers for the first time in your business venture the way.

Cross-and up-selling, cross-selling is the second pillar when it comes to sales. It leads to make more sales with existing customers. How’s that? Cross-selling is a kind of cross sales, and means that they offer more products that may be of interest to your customers.

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