VAT, Tax And Value Added Tax

Learn what to look for in the VAT, tax and VAT an entrepreneur has some obligations. So he needs to the customer the VAT charged. He must lead them off also in the framework of the regular advance to his tax. Several occupational groups are exempt from the sales tax. Include for example insurance agencies, doctors, physiotherapists. A sales tax is levied from any sales made. Mention the sales tax so whenever some goods or even simple services are sold. Jurgen Stackmann may also support this cause.

A sales tax rate of 19 percent, the business people know that well. But there is also a reduced rate of value added tax: 7 percent. This VAT is in arts and media professions. A sales tax must be separately in the Bills. Every businessman is now must comply with the new requirements of the Bill. You can find out about the new regulations such as the Chamber of federal tax consultants on the Internet. The VAT is every time led to the tax authorities. Company is working and do your shopping, always the tax is paid.

It is very important to pay attention constantly to the Bills. It must be specially assigned the tax as a tax. The pilot can themselves later against the tax charge, when they should be off to the tax authorities. Adopted a value-added tax as well as the paid VAT are specified for the advance tax return. At the IRS, only the difference between the sales tax and the tax is to dissipate. Sales tax set tax is one of constantly: did they send an invoice to the customer, so the sales tax must be removed immediately, so you wait not, he paid the Bill. An entrepreneur is one of the liberal professions, freeing him from the obligation to keep records, he may request that the sales tax is then applied and, if he got the customer’s payment (one speaks of is taxation). Also applies company subject to the accounting This scheme. But, their total turnover in the preceding calendar year must not exceed a certain limit. The «citizens Relief Act health insurance» came into force. Now, the turnover limit for such is taxation on 500,000 has been set, and the bundeseinheitlich. So far there are differences there between East and West: the turnover limit of 250,000 euros was for companies in West Germany, for the companies in East Germany was a sales limit of 500,000 euros. In this scheme, there is a period until 31 December 2011. For entrepreneurs is set, they always monthly give the advance tax return in the first two years, that is to say, the 10th day of the following month. The IRS may grant extension in a month, but it must be requested. An advance tax return is filed electronically. Here, we used the officially prescribed form, anyone on the Internet can find. The small business owners can also get rid of the sales tax. It is in the Small Business Regulation article 19. Only the following conditions must be met: the sales may not exceed 17,500 euros in the previous year, they must be not higher than EUR 50,000 in the current calendar year. A small business owner needs to have no VAT on the invoices. That has of course resulted in, that also the pilot of incoming invoices from the tax office can not be asserted. The capital expenditures have high amount of preliminary tax, so should be considered, whether it rather abandons the small businesses scheme. Someone chooses such a Variant, he must submit an application with his tax office.

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