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One determines the degree of risks and type, in accordance with the functional characteristics of the work exerted in these places. Ambient factors that cause risks, however have those that occur due to me the maintenance of these environments, being they lack of repairs technician in electric and mechanical installations, adequate cleanness of the environment. Some problems that place the physical integrity of the collaborator in risks are caused by they themselves, badly make use of the equipment of individual protection (EPI) or simply do not use. HUNTER (1992) tells: ' ' An important factor that they provoke innumerable accidents, is known as unsafe condition, that this related with environments of inadequate works, this does not depend in such a way on the knowledge of its victims, but of whom for diverse reasons they place, them in situations that take normally them to the loss of the health or in cases extremities, the loss of vida.' ' Being thus, it is necessary to identify which are the existing ambient risks in the environment with potential and to mapear them to diminish or to neutralize these sources of risk, and consequently to prevent physical damages to the collaborator, loses of substances and equipment and possible legal problems to the employer. 4 Map of Risks Federal official gazette of 20 of August of 1992 published one would carry of the National Department of Security and Health of Trabalhador (DNSST) having implanted the obligatoriness of the elaboration of maps of risks for the Internal Commissions of Prevention of Acidentes (CIPA) in the companies. According to BRAZIL (1992), risk map is: ' ' Graphical representation of a set of factors gifts in the workstations, capable to cause damages to the health of trabalhadores.' ' That is, the risk map is a survey of the points of risk in the different sectors of the companies.

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